#4 3D Art Brush


This is an all natural hair Kolinsky acrylic brush perfect for 3D nail art!

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This is an all natural hair Kolinsky acrylic brush for 3D nail art. The brush features a medium long, flat and pointed shape which makes it perfect to create acrylic 3D art patterns!

Brush care:

Before: The brush hairs are shaped with a starch coating. Using the cushion of your fingers, gently loosen the brush hair until there no more starch (looks like white powder) comes out.


1. Wash the brush often after each use. Wipe the colour acrylic off with a paper towel first and wash the hair with water to make sure there is no colour stuck in the ferrule.

2. Wash the brush with soap by hand. Lather the soap on the palm of your hand first and gently form bubbles. Press the hairs of the brush into your soaped palm and move it back and forth. Do this until all the hairs of the brush have been soaked with the soap. Using the palm, gently swing the brush and rinse with water.

Repeat these steps until there is no colour comes out. Wipe with a paper towel and dry it out naturally. It is recommended to dry the brush on its side or upside down (brush side down). Do not leave the brush in the water or to have it touching anything as this will cause the brush hair to disfigure.


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Dimensions 20 × 1 × 1 cm


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